Trackstar the DJ presents RAPFAN — Prime Time: A Rap Fan's Guide to No I.D. mixtape
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Prime Time: A Rap Fan's Guide to No I.D. mixtape


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Artwork by Ian Klarer

"It’s a grand event whenever our very own Trackstar The DJ drops a new mixtape. The latest iteration of his work manifests itself as a best of No I.D. compilation entitled Prime Time: A Rap Fan’s Guide to No I.D. The fundamental elements are all there. The mixing is on point, audio is mastered well (not to mention Ian Klarer’s utterly fantastic artwork), but the thing that really takes this tape over the top once again, is Track’s song selection.
In the same vein as his acclaimed Organized Noize project (available here), Prime Time takes rap fans through over twenty years of Hip-Hop history, bringing listeners from all generations together on a wonderfully nostalgic trip. Songs from Nas, Kendrick Lamar, Common, Vince Staples, Jay-Z, Killer Mike, Naledge, and many many more (emphasis on many) make appearances here and when it’s all said and done, Prime Time does a fantastic job of showing rap fans just how prolific the legendary No I.D.’s production catalog really is." - The Smoking Section

*originally released in 2014

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